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Sagittarius, according to the horoscope, you will be attracted by various topics concerning family. Sagittarius is a free-thinker, but after all firm ties make life a little more secure. At a certain age they also provide depth and fulfilment. Sagittarius, in the whirl of your crazy ideas and extravagant businesses, you will be pulled by an invisible hand just to the warmth of your home.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Your heart awaits the applause of joyful feelings and will not be disappointed according to the horoscope. Family ties are needed, whether in typical or more free form or at least in some friendly way An exhausting chase or a comfortable bird's nest with a beautiful view? Surprisingly, offers both. Capricorn will come to a crossroad, full of taste to experiment. Although it is said that all roads lead to Rome, frankly, the horoscope warns Capricorn that certainly not all roads will lead him or her to the desired destination.

Capricorn, please save energy. You could soon end up as a car that ran out of gas 5 miles from the nearest gas station. Horoscope shows the true power of charisma But enough of the technical details. Aquarius will be successful at work. But you may also enjoy and develop your talent for playing musical instruments. Horoscope foretells a lot of pleasure. In , Aquarius is going to be very pleased.

But it cannot be said that every joy and each entertainment is without risk.

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Credit card purchases will appear on your bank statement sooner or later Pisces, will be a celebration of femininity and grace. But don't be afraid, Pisces-men will not be excluded. Pisces may therefore appreciate jewels, man and woman, both as well. Would you enjoy a massive sealing ring to underline your masculinity? Or rather welcome a diamond or ruby to emphasize feminine features? Yes, Bill was at his Orgy island 26 times. Pro democrats think Trump did it as they think he is covering up his own involvement. Do your own research. Many people think that Epstein is alive and has been removed as witness protection or that he has been bought out somehow.

Some said he had a body double all along. Noon is used for a famous person.

Zodiac Inspirations – Pisces

Jeffrey Epstein Life and death astrology by Tara Greene. Epstein was an unusual quirky person. He looked quite Aquarian, they are usually slim and have a lot of electrical energy. They are eccentrics. Something very important about this case will be revealed then. He got charged up by erotic energy. He was independent, defensive warrior. He was very feisty, with a huge temper and operated like a soldier in the military. Many people believe he was working for the Israeli Secret Service because every prominent man who came to his island was photographed.

Epstein had dirt on everyone. Epstein had tons of libido and energy Ruled by Mars in Pisces which is sex addiction. This natal placement indicates sexual secrets, addictions, drugs, mental illness, narcissism, delusions of grandeur, a secret personality, a spy, master of deception, a magician. He was a businessman and a very wounded person. Everything was business. Someone with unusual Uranuian tastes in women and some major fuck-ups with his own mother with Uranus in Cancer and anger about women.

He could seduce others.

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Neptune rules debt and oil, glamour and Hollywood. Epstein was attracted to that glamour, wealth and fame. He was a secretive mysterious financier. Where did his wealth come from?

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Jupiter in Taurus is extremely sensuous. He was ruled by the bodies desires. Jupiter in Taurus is money, wealth, real estate, art, a lover of beauty. He was a dominant personality, apparently, there are records of him having dominatrix books. He had unusual quirky tastes and highly eccentric energy which ran his very sensuous appetites.

Jupiter in Taurus with these Nodes indicates luck, wealth and status. This combination is a mix of sex addiction, delusion, psychopathic behavior. He was a master of illusion and very deceptive. Apparently, Epstein had fantasies and delusions about creating a master race by impregnating many women.

Neptune was transiting his Venus-Mars for all of , indicating he would be caught in his own web of lies illusions and addictions. Asteroid Psyche was prominently placed, squaring his North and South Nodes. This is a karmic placement. Gemini is the sign of Peter Pan, never wanting to grow up. So Epstein was attracted to young girls because he himself was a big child. There was some split in his not being nurtured by his mother. He was attracted to and terrified of strong women and sought to dominate and control them.

The Transits on this day show. I would say Epstein was killed off by those in power to keep him from testifying. There something unexpected and unusual with Uranus. Pisces is the 12th house is associated with prisons, institutions, and death. Neptune in Pisces is of course what is behind all the conspiracy theories in general from — What do you think?


July Leo Sun trines Chiron 5 degrees Aries today. Whatever vulnerabilities you felt will continue for the next few days. Ceres, Is the Great Mother in all of her thousands of aspects. She brings unconditional mother love to all of her children, this means you.

She comes to kiss and heal your boo-boos. You have a reputation for being a dreamer, someone who lets their mind drift off into fantasyland. This is how you escape life when it becomes overwhelming and your emotions get kicked into high gear.

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Learning when to help others and when to let others help themselves can sometimes be a struggle for those of you with a Pisces Sun sign. Ah, Pisces, you love to be in love! Ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, you are a true romantic who wants the magic that comes with finding your soul mate. Gentle and nurturing, you shower your lovers with unconditional love. You thrive in jobs that inspire you, and fortunately, inspiration is endless. You may even choose to become a healer of some sort, a career where your sympathetic heart relieves the suffering of others.

Friendly and easygoing, you have a special knack for making people feel right at home with you. Plus, your adaptable nature makes it easy for you to blend right into any social circle. Your altruism sometimes means getting taken advantage of, so make sure to only give to those who really deserve it. Your compassion is limitless! Get your complete birth chart to see how all the planets influence you personally.