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According to Pavlisin, you may have to work on issues regarding new or past connections and your sense of identity. Overall, is going to be all about you, your sense of self, and what you really want for your life. Some important dates for you to look out for are Mar. According to Thomas, these are two "stand-out" moments of the year. They're not only back-to-back Full Moons in your sign, but they're a "very rare blessing" from the Universe. If you're looking, he suggests focusing your attention on the New Moon on Mar.

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The influence of the moon will help you add options to your contact list. But the New Moon on May 4 can help to put someone of "marriage material" on your radar. You are likely to meet someone that you connect with on a personal and spiritual level in But in order to turn that into a relationship, Pavlisin says that you will need to be clear and upfront with your intentions early on.

So stop saying, "I don't know, we'll see where it goes," if you really like someone and you want a relationship with them. It's a great time for partnership because Jupiter will be giving you more luck and fortune in every area of your life until Dec.

Set an intention for what you want to see happen in your love life for and the Universe will provide. As Thomas says, "This is the beginning chapter of the rest of your life, Sagittarius. It's time to for you to level up and look forward to bigger and better partnerships, Capricorn. You'll have three big eclipses in your sign, as well as a major stand-out moment for marriage and partnership around July 2. If the one you're with really isn't "The One," it may be time to find someone even better. So don't worry because that person is out there and might just be the year you finally meet them.

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When it comes to love, is looking to be more of a casual year for you. According to Pavlisin, you can likely expect "flash-in-the pan, unsustainable connections" that are new, exciting, and sudden. In other words, you may meet people that are temporary but really fun. Since Jupiter will be moving through your House of Friendships, it's not a bad idea to go out with your friends and meet new people without any expectations.

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  • If you're looking, make sure to ask your friends to introduce you to new options. As Thomas says, "This will definitely bring more luck into your life in the love department.


    If you're looking forward to meeting that special someone in , there's good news. The likelihood of that happening is very good. According to Pavlisin, you're likely to meet someone that you have a good connection with. You're known for your dreamy nature, so just "don't leap too fast," he says. Try not to give in to this vibe, or at least figure out what is really bugging you.

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    The planets suggest that something in your day-to-day routine may need a second glance! The months ahead are likely to start on a strong note in terms of your social life, but on a less positive note in terms of work or school.

    vertilorexbi.ga/immortal-clare-point-vampire-novel.php The run up to Christmas looks great, but a dip in your confidence levels at work or school may impinge on the festivities. Watch the spending in January, and take a chance on love in March! The planets tell us that the next few months will provide her with plenty of opportunities to boost her celebrity status! Terms and Conditions. Our offices are for administrative purposes only, no visitors will be accepted without an appointment.

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