Gemini monkey compatibility

Best Jobs and Working Partners. Answers App. People born in the Year of the Monkey have several common attitudes and characteristics when it comes to love relationships. The active and optimistic personality always enhances their glamour. Generally they are compatible with people born in the Year of the Ox or the Rabbit, while not compatible with Tiger or Pig signs.


Here is a detailed love match analysis for reference. Gentle, considerate, responsible, romantic. Shy, tender, kindhearted, honest. Hey my name is linda, and I'm a water monkey dating a fire rat! Will our love fizzle out? Should I find myself an attractive earth pig and create a tsunami of passion and intimacy? Hi, your love compatibility is not bad and you may work it out if you make more efforts together. Best wishes. I am female and born in monkey Yes, you can be a loving pair and the love compatibility is very high. Good luck! Yes, you are highly complimentary and the love compatibility is high.

The best time to get marry depends on your arrangement. If you think it 's the time, then it will be ok for you to step into the next stage of your life. Can anyone provide info on the compatibility of such a combo? Are snakes and monkeys a good match?

Can anyone provide info on what I may be getting myself into? Hi, if you were born in , then this was the year of Rooster and the boy who was born in belongs to the year of Horse. Your compatibility is not very good. However, you can't completely trust the result since it can be changed with time and it may not be very reliable.

So follow your heart and get along with the boy for a long time to discover if he is your true love by yourself. Thank you for your response though! Answered by Jenny Sep. Sorry, I have mistaken it. According to your Zodiac, you two can be very good friends and if you can have a good time together, it is easy for you to become a couple of lovers. Good luck to you! The best partners have been Dragons if you want a mature partner, Rats if you want an equally shrewd partner, and Sheep if you want a partner that can give you balance.

Likewise, Capricorns will help you grow, other air signs and especially other Geminis will match your wits, but water signs, difficult as the relationships may be, will be able to give your love life a healthy dose of emotional balance and intuitive aid. A huge obstacle is learning how to engage with people in a meaningful way and not treating them as obstacles or tools Our lives are meant to be difficult but rewarding.

Embrace the ebb and flow, stay one step ahead of the crowd, and don't forget to love yourself, all of your faults and mistakes! AngelaYslas Girl I feel you we have the same exact birthday! Ivona Hello, do not forget that we are smart! My advice for you is to love yourself more and to use strategies to work agains your demons.

Year of the Monkey

I am 24, I have an excellent job, I am independent, I build up myself everyday but wasn't so easy. I started to look for menthors and beautiful souls to be surrounded by. I have work a lot to establish and definde who I am, to be more organise, less agresive and to combate laziness. Remeber that we can easely be trained! Work to for your happines, do not fall dawn in drama because is more comfortable!

Discipline,meditation, sport, family appreciation! Look at you like to a big project, we love projects! Life starts when drama ends! Janetta Gemini is not the worst sign Jho Maybe that is the life of monkey Gemini, not lucky in love life. Meant to be alone. Debby No way! You guys Rock! The negative side of monkey is hard to control at times. My life is a rollercoaster too Ayse I was told that the worst sing is Gemini.

Nada Not feeling so smart all the time. I've had my share of disappointments and my life is not so successful.

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I am still struggling to find a job and a meaningful life Not so fun either Lost and lonely. GemGal Don't feel lost and lonely, you have all those personalities in your gemini head to keep you company until love comes around.

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I got a dream job but I just lost the love of my life He left me for another. I was faithful and still I hope he returns to me because I am so sad. Why is my life always a roller coaster? I desparately need stability and happiness I'm still struggling with my inner me.

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Izzy The geminis life is a roller coaster, but you must find that you ll always have the strength to get up. Jade My style is incredible Jason This is true to the most degree. I find that the underhand tactics to be quit fun indeed. Bisu I find this accurate.

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I'd like to emphasize that these 'underhand tactics' include changing personal patterns, such as eating habits, in the event that we feel someone 'suspicious,' even unreasonably, has caught on, in any perceivable way, to such habits. Patterns changed may adhere for a lifetime with little impact on a sense of self, so long as we can maintain core interests.

Gemini Monkey Traits

Walt Monkeys can be trained. I was trained to dress much nicer than I like to, but this does describe me. Your name:. Horoscope Daily Horoscope Well Click on your Zodiac sign and get daily forecast.