New moon february 2 astrology

O n the day of the Full Moon Mercury precisely conjuncts Neptune and this aspect will be active until the 25 th. This aspect will clear our minds and improve our rational and intuitive thinking. It can also help our inspiration and creativity. It can also help us understand better our friends and lovers and connect with them in more ways, or better ways than we have already achieved. Mercury is also in a hexagon with Saturn. This hexagon will be accurate on the 20 th and it will remain active until the 1 st of March. This boosts meditation, hypnosis and all similar methods a lot. Mercury also forms a hexagon with Pluto, accurately so on the 23 rd of February.

During this period whatever has to do with magical and non-magical perfumes, philtres, potions, charms and medications receive much support.

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Improving our health via vitamins and other health supplements, having a better response to our medication and things like those can happen. Also, our contact with other planes, and especially the Kingdom of Death can also be much stronger than usual. On the downside, this also means that thoughts of death and events that will awake such thoughts can also occur. The most important stressful aspect Mercury will produce during this waning Moon period is its square to Jupiter.

The square will be accurate on the 22 nd of February and will remain active until the 20 th of April. By then, Mercury will have returned to its direct motion, but Jupiter will be in retrograde motion. Finally, an other important aspect of this Full Moon and this waning Moon period is the hexagon between the Sun and Mars. This aspect improves our determination and provides some luck to the daring ones. Instead, being too daring, hasty and careless qualities that this aspect can also bestow upon us can cause some accidents.

What Does This New Moon in Gemini Mean?

Magic wise, this aspect boosts Fire Magic very much so and provides good luck and fast results to it. Work seems to be important during this period. Progress there is very much possible. Money follow a similar pattern, too, and there is some gambling luck, as well.

Of course, as always, do remember the stars only improve your odds. Nonetheless, there may be some stress and self-doubt if you are in the procedure of taking some important decisions regarding your career. This is, of course, only natural, and overcoming this self-doubt can help you achieve even more. Psychotherapists and similar careers receive even more of these blessings.

The New Moon in Gemini Comes With an Information Overload |

You have a tendency to think negatively and to get easily discouraged and distracted. Do your best to avoid these traps and the Full Moon and the waning Moon period will be mostly — if not only — beneficial to you. In fact, the sky is indeed mostly auspicious for almost every aspect of your life. Studies, travelling and whatever has to do with the internet and technology receives even more support. Magic and spirituality are strong for all under the influences of this Full Moon and during the waning Moon period, but even more so for you. In the same time, all kinds of creative and artistic works receive much support.

Spiritual and energy healers can see their powers raising, whether you are doing it for professional or personal reasons. Also, work receives mostly beneficial influences. It can become quite successful, too. Computers, smartphones and other high-tech gadgets can cause you some problems, though.

If you need to replace them, do so after consideration and research and, preferably, from shops that have a good return policy. Business meetings and your relationship with your business partners, superiors and colleagues can be a little stressful during this period.

The same goes for whatever issues with the law you may have. If your life partner is also a business partner or a colleague, you may experience this aspect even more stressfully. Other than those, though, both work and love seem to be going on nicely. Social life also receives much support. Strengthening your existing relationships, friendly or romantic ones, receives more help than expanding your social circle.

The latter, though, is also possible, with some effort. Also, studies, teaching, preaching, and similar occupations can be more lucky than others. Work and whatever you consider as such — other than studying for actual student — receives much focus and much support from the stars. Studies, on the other hand, can become stressful and a change in your teachers, schools or course can happen, usually in an unsettling way.

Back to work, successes of all kinds and improvements of all kinds can take place. Jobs related to health and beauty receive more support than the rest. Physical health seems quite good. Emotional health and well-being can be a bit more troublesome. Nonetheless, healing, there, is also strong and effective.

On the other hand, love receives very good influences, both for those in a relationship and for those seeking one. But she was shy and fled far away to preserve her virginity. So Poseidon sent his messenger the Dolphin to find her and persuade her to marry him, which he did, and they all lived happily ever after. I am a 6th Generational that we know Spiritual Seer and Bridge. As a Spiritual Teacher and Coach, I help my clients leverage their expertise and experiences by monetizing their passion and Spiritual Gifts.

I love your work and have been recommending you to our Spiritual Superstars for years now because of your tremendous service to humanity. I have reached out to you through your other platforms, messenger, etc.

Aquarius New Moon February Astrology 2019

What a blessing you are and will continue to be! I hope to hear from you soon. Necole XO. For me its very interesting. It falls in my 7 house, trine uranus in 3. Uranus ruls my 7 house. Than i separate with my husband, the father of my child. Till now it were very havy three years all alone with my son.

We see each other becouse of the son. Its strange what will brings this new moon, this year??? I know it will be something different ofcourse, but what will be…???

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I hope some new energy with something new and not with the ex husbend. This could be very fortunate for me, indeed. It will fall in my 6H.

This Week in Astrology

Could you shed some light on this aspect? Menu Skip to content. Search for:. New Moon February Astrology. And with the sun, moon, and Mercury all activating the square right now, its energies are woven into this lunar cycle in a major way. What do the stars have in store for you this year? Fortunately, this new moon also comes with its own built-in BS detector: an earthy trine between Venus in Taurus and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This supportive aspect helps us stay rooted in our deepest values and desires, empowering us to cut out all the distractions and give our undivided attention to the things that really deserve it.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

If not, take the opportunity to listen and learn. Read on for your sun sign and rising, if you know it to learn more about the energies of this lunar cycle:. But is this new image really you? Family comes first, Cancer , but meaningful work is a very close second. Take some quiet time this month to restore your soul. Work hard, play hard! Leo , we all need to blow off steam.

But an overactive social life can drain vital energy and resources away from your bigger dreams and long-term goals.