16 january horoscope for aries

On a day of contrasts, your personal sign shines with sun and Pluto creative progress, ticking items off a to-do list. Secret desires grow stronger, meanwhile, and if you are with a partner, physical pleasure reaches an all-time high.

Daily Horoscope

Love is so deep right now and if you want to talk about feelings with people around you, you should. You can work any room with style and a group responds with a leadership offer — if that is what you want. This is your time, on your terms.

A passion goal is closer but may need updating to match your new ambitions. Sign in.

Planetary Row

All Football. Mystic Meg. Have you strayed away from your sacred purpose? Have you put your dreams and desires on hold for somebody else? Life is presenting you with the beautiful opportunity to not only realign, but also progress to the next level. Instead of thinking of it as me versus them, think of it as you versus the problem.

Today brings with itself the reminder that you are truly one—and as long as you are in the same team, no challenge is insurmountable. Coupled Sagittarians experience a greater degree of harmony in their relationship. Now is the time to take things further. The Gods of fashion and beauty are smiling down at you, Capricorn! Consider this as your cosmic cue to take the day off for self-care, by which we mean a mani-pedi and a blow-dry.

Project Makeover is as much of a priority.


January 16 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Get your fashion-forward friend to help you with a wardrobe update. Remember, feelings are meant to be felt, not intellectualised—nor examined through the lens of your past experiences. Be aware of the patterns that are creating a barrier between you and the love you truly deserve. Things to do today: delve into the shadows.

Confront the demons of your past. Cosmic tip: Be aware of the patterns that are creating a barrier between you and the love you truly deserve. What a wonderful feeling it is to be in alignment, to do exactly what you were sent here to do! Pisces, you have many more mountains to climb. Cosmic tip: Tap into the power of the collective. Taurus horoscope today Ah, the inexplicable joy of bingeing on pizza and OD-ing on your favourite Netflix show! Cosmic tip: Embrace the joy of missing out. Cosmic tip: Be grateful for the many blessings life is showering upon you.

Cosmic tip: Do what you love, love what you do. This month there will be no need to make difficult choices or fateful decisions. Aries is now able to achieve success in all directions, but it is mostly a matter of motivation. Everything will happen in a natural rhythm, we can give you only a few general tips. In the first place, the rush is not worth the risk.


All steps should be thought out to the smallest detail. Second, however successful the astrological situation may be, no one is protected from accidents and his own short-sightedness. The first third of January will be the most peaceful period of the month for Aries. You will reap the fruits of past accomplishments and still make plans for the future—the near and distant one.

You should pay particular attention to the area of personal relations.

Some changes are possible here, albeit not significant ones, but these changes can bring a lot of joy and positivity to the life of Aries. The horoscope recommends that you always take the advice of loved ones and also allow people to get close to Aries. This can lead to unexpected results, primarily in terms of the emotional sphere.

The second part of January will bring Aries significant changes. Here you should divide your attention equally between the area of personal and professional life. For those who work at a company, significant changes are possible, even though they may not initially seem so. Therefore, it makes sense to keep the eyes on the prize and carefully look around in search of a successful opportunity.

Those Aries who have their own business will receive the first bonuses from their star patrons. These may simply be well-established circumstances or something more specific, for example, new allies or new projects that promise profit. The enthusiasm and desire to change the world around them will be the main motivators of Aries, and it is important not to lose this fire at the beginning of projects.

If everything works out a natural impulse will be set, and, in the future, it will be easier to move towards success via a concrete path. It is worth mentioning that because of the not very favorable position of Mercury it is better for representatives of your sign not to take major risks.